PoMo Roundup – June 22

Here’s a collection of news articles, interviews, conversations, provocations, and otherwise – all related to postmodernism.

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Postmodernism in Academia

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Not exactly Postmodernism, but still enlightening and relevant:

The non-partisan, rationalist blog Slate Star Codex released an excellent article called Against Murderism. He talks about racism, driving change, and altering people’s perspectives. A short excerpt below:

… “racism” is a confusing word that serves as a mishmash of unlike concepts. Here are some of the definitions people use for racism:

1. Definition By Motives: An irrational feeling of hatred toward some race that causes someone to want to hurt or discriminate against them.

2. Definition By Belief: A belief that some race has negative qualities or is inferior, especially if this is innate/genetic.

3. Definition By Consequences: Anything whose consequence is harm to minorities or promotion of white supremacy, regardless of whether or not this is intentional.

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